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Meet Our Instructors

The Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club has a number of phenomenal instructors ready to help you achieve more from your riding. Meet our team!

Scott Borthwick

Scott Borthwick started racing motorcycles over 25 years ago, eventually competing at the National level in Canada as well as at the regional level in the US.

Since 2002 Scott has been involved in teaching riding and racing skills for more than 20 years, being lead instructor for both Westcoast Superbike  as well as Next Level Superbike schools and now for the past few years through the WMRC where he is now the Racer Training Lead.

Scott is currently racing with the WMRC at Mission raceways as well as the PCMRC at Greg Moore Raceway where he is a multiple lap record holder.

Scott is a true ambassador for the sport, whether he is racing, teaching or working closely with manufacturers. Scott was instrumental in establishing the Western Canadian Gold Cup series which established a place for 250 cc racing  in Western Canada.

I, for one, have questions
I, for one, have questions

Nick Dudziak

I’ve been riding on the street since 2010 and began doing track days within a year after that. I took my racer training in 2013 with Westcoast Superbike School and started racing with the WMRC that year, earning my Expert license that season. I have also raced numerous seasons in Washington with WMRRA. I compete at the WMRC in the Superbike classes on my 2016 Yamaha R1 and have achieved multiple wins and podium finishes and my goal is to win a class championship this year. I also compete at the PCMRC on my miniMoto in multiple classes.

I have also served as WMRC president in the past as well as being on the club’s executive for a few years now. I am also – and have been for the past 5 years- the Novice rider representative with the WMRC.

I am a firm believer in building a community and being part of the racer family and encourage anyone to volunteer in any way they can to help grow this sport that I am passionate about.

Dirt biking, camping , and dachshunds are my passions when I am not racing on a track.

Nick is pictured on left
Nick is pictured on left

Jasmin Benias

Jasmin has been track riding and racing since 2015 and in a very short time earned numerous race and class championship wins.

Jasmin has built a very good knowledge base of track riding and racing skills and enjoys teaching these skills to newcomers and experienced riders and racers alike.

-`ღ´- The better half
-`ღ´- The better half

Spero Benias

Spero Benias has been racing locally and in the US since 2004 winning 26 championships during that time. He is currently racing with the WMRC on a GSXR1000 Superbike.

Spero has been deeply involved in coaching and rider training for over 15 years and is very passionate about instructing students and seeing students developing their skills.

He is a firm believer that learning never ends and is always developing and fine tuning his teaching methods to provide students the best instruction possible.

The other half
The other half

Josh Leverington

Josh Leverington is WMRC’s newest expert instructor. His time with the WMRC started in 2017 through a personal fascination and shared family passion of motorsport with his father, crew chief and veteran rider of the original  Westwood track, Steve Leverington.

Progressing quickly through the ranks with a methodical approach in learning safe, but aggressive, riding techniques and bike control have allowed him to capture the current 250 Production lap record at MIssion Raceway and winning multiple championships.

Josh is a firm believer racing is so much more than just jumping on a bike and going fast. His primary goal as an instructor is to help riders of all skill levels achieve their own personal goals, obtain confidence on the track and perpetuate the positive experience that got him to where he is today!


Arnaud Gouttin

Growing up in France I was influenced by motorcycle enthusiasts and became addicted to 2 wheels by age 12. I have been street riding for over 30 years and started racing in 2007 with the PCMRC on SuperMotards and earning many podium finishes and still race there as well. I started racing with the WMRC in 2018 in the 600 Supersport class  and finished  2021 in 2nd place in the 600 Supersport Championship.

I am a very seasoned rider and am very passionate about passing on my knowledge and experience on to students and new racers. I believe we never stop learning as riders which makes every lap around a track so much fun.

My interests other than motorcycles are being ( very ) French , snowboarding, paint ball and gaming.

Arnaud is actually the nicest guy you could meet in the paddock
Arnaud is actually the nicest guy you could meet in the paddock

Ken Lalonde

Ken started racing in 1984 and won his first championship in 1985 on a Yamaha RZ350, competing against well known racers such as Steve Crevier , Miguel DuHamel, Gary Goodfellow, Michelle Mercier and many others, winning National 600 Supersport class races as well as being a Superbike podium finisher. 

Racing with the WMRC , Ken has won numerous overall championships and was a Mission Raceway lap record holder. His current motorcycle is a highly modified 2020 BMW S1000RR.

Passing on his many years’ racing experience to others as a riding coach has been one of Ken’s passions and he’s looking to continue doing so for many years to come.

When he’s not riding or instructing, Ken’s interests include his wife Gail, golf, DJing and being a home chef.

Ken also makes this face while passing
Ken also makes this face while passing

Chad Gibson

Chad Gibson has been racing shortly since he took the Next Level Superbike School in 2004 where Scott Borthwick was his instructor. Since then, Chad has been racing in various classes with the WMRC regularly finishing in the top three in numerous Championships. Chad currently campaigns on a Ducati 848.

Chad’s low key way of imparting knowledge makes him a favorite instructor of new and more experienced riders alike.

When not road racing Chad rides a lot of Motocross in addition to mountain biking and hiking.

If you smell Chad's bike you may notice a hint of equine
If you smell Chad’s bike you may notice a hint of equine

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