August 12th 2019 General Meeting Minutes

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    In addition to:
    Jason Hanson - President
    Jeremy Karlson – Vice President
    Brett Hanson – Treasurer
    Pam Black – Secretary

    Meeting was called to order at 7:14 by Jason Hanson

    Minutes from the July general meeting were read by Pam Black. Motion to accept was made by Rob Schoemeyer and seconded by Manny Grewal

    Treasurer Report:
    Brett Hanson provided the Treasurer’s report and advised our current bank balance as of August 8th was $153,270.38. Costs incurred in July included ambulance, track rental, Security, marshal supplies, radio rentals, licensing supplies, new timing computer, race school instructors, catering, Pitt Meadows rental and race school supplies. Outstanding bills include ambulance, gas for crash truck, and the award for Steve Crevier with an estimated balance of $147,271.12

    Brian Jensen was unable to attend but in his absence Jeremy Karlson reported on our participation at the Highroad Langley Event on July 28th. It was well attended and we spoke to a number of people about track days and race school. It was noted that we were not as prepared as we could have been, had we known what to expect and suggested that if we participate in the future we should bring a table, tent and our banner in addition to our promotional materials, as nothing was provided. Thank you to Jay Shapka, Jeremy Karlson and Pam Black for representing the WMRC at this community event.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in making our 60th anniversary day a success and a special thank you to Jason Hanson who spoke eloquently and represented the club brilliantly during the awards presentation.
    Thank you also to Bernie Ryan for his help in hosting the Children’s Hospital Starlight Foundation again this year. As always, it is a pleasure for the WMRC to be a part of this special day.
    Special thanks also to Glen Harrison for encouraging every member and volunteer to sign his “rain” bike! What a great way to memorialize our 60th anniversary in a way that included everyone.

    Please post your photos on Instagram and tag the WMRC, and/or post photos with links to our website and Instagram accounts. Please use your own photos and not photos you have purchased from a professional photographer.

    New Business:
    Our 2019 Awards Banquet dinner will be on October 26th, and held at Jimy Mac’s again. Tickets are $35 and are now available for sale through MSR. This event always sells out quickly so please get your tickets soon to avoid disappointment! Now is also the time to forward your photos to any one of the executive members to add to the year-end presentation!

    Track set up will be at 6pm on Thursday, July 29th, but it is imperative to remember that we are a guest at this time. We are not being charged for our early access and it is of the utmost importance that we respect any other tenant who is occupying the space until they vacate. The SCCBC spoke to us about a complaint they received from the tenant at our last round, stating that we had been encroaching on their space and in doing so had also damaged one of their signs. We all know how important this access is to us for track set up, please be mindful of your actions and aware that you could jeopardize our current arrangement.

    A reminder that registration is now open for the Endurance Race! Make some new friends, build your team and be sure to register ASAP! Your position on the grid is based on the order in which teams register. If you are stuck, please contact the executive and we will assist in matching you up with someone.

    If you need to rent a transponder for our upcoming rounds, please note that the cost is $30, cash only, and that they will be made available at registration by the SCCBC. There are a limited number available, and are first come, first served, so be quick to registration to avoid disappointment!

    We encourage all members to socialize outside our regular events, however, if you are organizing a group ride or get together, please do not use the WMRC name in your post or invitation.

    Thank you to Olov Brandfors for his assistance in fixing the leaf blowers and delivering them to the meeting!

    Everyone is politely reminded to be sure to settle their tab before leaving the meeting place! We are fortunate to have access to a free meeting room with food and beverages provided to us, and we do not want to jeopardize our welcome!

    The meeting was adjourned at 7:45, with a jumpstart on the motion, resulting in the disqualification of two members. Brett Hanson accepted the motion on the restart, seconded by Jeremy Karlson.

    Meeting Minutes submitted by Pam Black

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