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    When you are going out on track through Pit Lane, we are trying to keep track of every bike going out by number so we can determine if everyone is on track for the race start and more importantly, we want to see if your transponder is working.

    You cannot be on track without a working transponder for ANY session so we want to catch transponder issues before you need to be scored for a race (or if we ever do qualifying sessions).

    What really helps us when you are on Pit Lane is:
    1. Your speed
    2. Your gap to the bike in front of you. Three or 4 bikes lengths would be nice.
    Go slow. I can't find anything in the Rule Book about a Pit Lane speed limit but I should think 50 KMH is quite sufficient. The slower you go the better chance we have of getting your number.

    Right along with going slow is creating enough separation between you and the rider in front to allow us time to read the numbers, call them out and write them down. A massive gaggle flying out of Pit Lane is just going to p*ss us off and if someone in that gaggle doesn't have a working transponder ... well, sucks to be you if you don't get scored or get any times.

    If you don't think this matters, come for a short visit and see how we do it at the start of a session.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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