January 14 Meeting Minutes

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    In addition to:
    Jason Hanson – President
    Allan Hay – Past President
    Jeremy Karlson – Vice President
    Brett Hanson- Treasurer
    Brian Jensen – Promotions
    Pam Black – Secretary

    Meeting was called to order at 7:04 by Jason Hanson

    Minutes from the December general meeting were read by Pam Black. Motion to accept was made by Allan Hay and Andrew Marles who tied for first.

    Treasurer Report:
    Brett Hanson advised our current bank balance as of January 9th was $114,975.85 and debits included , BC Society Renewal, Radio Rental, Hay Bale disposal, Motorcycle Show booth, and Cold Fire hydro tank. Outstanding bills include the Mission Track Rental deposit for an estimated balance of $107,975.85

    Brian Jensen reported that he has been in talks with both the WMRRA and OMRRA clubs to discuss our upcoming seasons and cross club participation, of note a possible 250 production series. There should be confirmation or updates on this for the February meeting.
    Brian has also been confirming sponsor participation for 2019 and advised that a few of the sponsors are going to be offering prize money. More details on that to follow.
    Also in the works is increasing gate admissions, with plans to follow in the February meeting.

    New Business:
    There was some discussion regarding the 250 fork cap rule and members were advised that if they wanted this changed the proposal would need to be submitted for next year’s rule book.
    This year’s rule book revisions are in the final stages and will be posted as soon as it is completed.

    Allan Hay reported that that Spartan Security has been contacted for this season and that they have advised there will be no rate increases for this year.

    If you are unable to see us at the bike show to renew your race license, you will be able to do so on MSR immediately following the bike show weekend. MSR will be opened for race registration effective February 1.
    Brett also confirmed that Eventzilla is set up and events are published for the 2019 track days. As always, the registration for Racer Only track days, and Race Dates is through MSR.

    Thank you to Allan Hay and Nick Dudziak for liberating the crash truck for a spa day and to GIB motors for the maintenance and repairs.

    There was some discussion regarding crash procedures as Brian has been working with BC ambulance to come up with a protocol. This will also be discussed further at the operations meeting prior to our first event.

    John Cathie requested that we consider the option of multiple transponders for this season’s endurance race. The idea being that each rider would use his own transponder so that his lap times would be recorded specifically to his participation in the race. The team captain would provide each team member’s transponder number at registration, and transponders would need to be swapped during the refueling/rider change stops. This will be discussed further, and closer to the endurance race date.

    We would like to extend our well wishes to Gerhard Walther who has been unwell and in the hospital. The executive sent a basket to the hospital on behalf of all WMRC members and we all wish him a speedy and full recovery.

    Jason Hanson moved that the meeting be adjourned at 8:05 seconded by John Cathie

    Minutes submitted by Pam Black
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