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Do you want to run a unique transponder for each rider?

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    For the few of you that were unfortunate enough to miss the January meeting, I put forth the idea that for the 2019 endurance race we allow each rider to run their own transponder. It's not as though there's hordes of fans wanting to know who is on the bike at a particular moment and the announcer (what announcer?) likewise. About the only compelling reason to track each rider during their stint is so they can review their lap times in MyLaps.

    Here is how it would work: During a rider change, the transponder will be changed as well. How the transponder is changed doesn't matter. Remove one and mount another or if they are hardwired, switch one off and switch another on. The timing system has the capability to handle this with ease during the registration process. If you forget to change transponders, timing will still count laps thinking it's the same rider, so no penalty there.

    So, for the huge number of teams that are going to clamour for a space on the endurance race grid this year, I pose this simple question:

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